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It all starts with Paola Liranzo's interior design projects. In every space she had the opportunity to develop, she was always passionate about creating exclusive furniture for it.

Little by little in some of the publications of her projects, she received the attention of many people who wanted to buy these products, so she considered in the future to materialize the idea of selling those pieces.

Besides from offering pieces with good design, it was very important to have top quality manufacturing, to be able to offer the good quality and durability service that characterize their projects in their products and more than anything, it was important that all the pieces were manufactured in the Republic. Dominicana, as a way to support the development of the Dominican furniture industry.

As a way to support the development of the Dominican furniture industry and position our country as a benchmark for furniture design and manufacturing.

To achieve this, Paola Liranzo develops her furniture line in the INVISA factory, located in Santiago de los Caballeros. It has the most advanced technology in the region and qualified craftsmanship, so that it can guarantee high quality furniture and long durability.

The brand is represented in our logo by the national flower "La Rosa de Bayahine" or Pereskia Quisqueyana, expressing a unique and native identity of this island.

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The face behind the brand

Paola Liranzo was born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic in 1987. She grew up in a family that has been dedicated to the furniture industry for more than 30 years. Graduated from the architecture career in 2011.

In 2014 he founded his architecture and interior design studio: VLAC, whose projects are characterized by the design of timeless spaces and a notorious inclination to create original details that include furniture pieces. His projects have been highlighted in national and international publications.

Paola is passionate about design who is constantly searching for inspiration. Creating spaces and pieces where its essence and individuality is reflected,  using marble and wood as his favorite materials.


Creating a furniture line allows me to have fun doing what I am so passionate about: Designing. It is what allows me to materialize my tastes and my creativity, without any external influence. I seek to bring to homes timeless pieces that fill the spaces with beauty, grace and elegance and that at the same time are functional pieces of high quality and long durability, made by the talent of Dominican manufacturing. "

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