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 Warranty Terms and Policies

  1- All our products are guaranteed for 1 year from their purchase in damages or factory defects, as long as it is purchased through our virtual store or through one of our authorized resellers.

2- In case of a manufacturing quality problem during the guarantee period of purchase of a Paola Liranzo product, notify us by sending your purchase invoice, a detailed description of any problem with your Paola Liranzo product and high-quality photos (taken in lighting appropriate) immediately to .

3- The warranty only covers hidden factory defects of the product (s) sold. By factory default, any defect that occurred in the manufacture of the product or products and that was not visible or easily perceived at the time of sale must be understood. In the event that the verification that the product has a manufacturing defect is effective, the item will be repaired or replaced at the discretion of our company. We do not respond for obvious abuse.

4- The beneficiary expressly acknowledges that the verification of a manufacturing defect covered by this guarantee does not generate a right of reimbursement in his favor, and he cannot claim from Paola Liranzo the return of the sums paid for the acquisition of the covered product. In the event that it is not possible to replace or repair the defective product (s), Paola Liranzo may, at its sole discretion, grant a credit for purchases within Paola Liranzo in favor of the beneficiary.

5- The beneficiary expressly acknowledges that this guarantee does not extend to additional materials that are used for the installation of the products sold.

6- We guarantee repaired products and / or replacement products provided hereunder against defects in workmanship from the date of repair or replacement for ninety (90) days or, if longer, for the remainder of the Warranty period. If the Product is exchanged, the replacement product becomes the property of the customer and the original Product becomes the property of our company.

7- This guarantee extends only to original buyers who acquire new Paola Liranzo products, its subsidiaries or its authorized resellers. Any product, part or component must have been used in accordance with the instructions delivered and / or published by Paola Liranzo.

8- Any misuse, abuse or modification of the original product voids the warranty. We do not guarantee the performance of the product when used in combination with another original Paola Liranzo product.

9- The guarantee does not apply to any product other than Paola Liranzo, even if it is packaged or sold with the Product. This warranty applies only to normal use of the Product, in accordance with the written instructions for use, if any, provided with the Product (either in writing, or posted on our website).

10-  The beneficiary expressly acknowledges that any other type of damage or defect of the product or products that are not expressed in this guarantee is excluded, noting in a non-limiting manner:

• Natural wear of the product

• If the recommendations for use are dispensed with, the damages derived from the use by the beneficiary or any third party of abrasive, acidic, corrosive or solvent products that damage the product (s), the latter under the understanding that they should not be used abrasive products to treat the product (s).

• The color, grains, veins, texture, etc. of natural materials.

• Color fastness or color matching of materials, including exact match to sketches, swatches, or sample cards.

• Damage from high temperatures, marking or staining of sheet metal surfaces due to contact with rubber or similar compounds; abuse, shock, damage caused by sharp objects or the printing of writing instruments, or prolonged exposure to direct sunlight.

• Products exposed to extreme environmental conditions of high humidity, high salinity and exposure to heat, or that have been subjected to improper storage.

• Damages produced directly or indirectly by improper handling of the product, caused by objects of any kind and / or improper conservation.

• Installations or manipulations of third parties without the direct participation of Paola Liranzo or a staff sent by the company for the purposes of the place.

11- To the maximum extent permitted by law, this warranty and the remedies set forth above are exclusive and in lieu of all other warranties, remedies and conditions, whether oral or written, express or implied. We specifically disclaim any and all implied warranties, including but not limited to warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. If we are unable to legally waive or exclude implied warranties under applicable law, then to the extent possible any claim under such implied warranties will expire at the expiration of the warranty period. No reseller, agent, or employee of our company is authorized to make any modification, extension, or addition to this warranty.

12-  For consumers who have the benefit of consumer protection laws or regulations in their country of purchase or, if different, their country of residence, which cannot be waived as set out above ("consumer laws"), the benefits conferred by this warranty are in addition to all rights and remedies transmitted by said consumer laws. To the extent that liability under such consumer laws may be limited, our liability is limited, at your sole option, to replacement or repair of the product.

13-  The guarantee does not assume responsibility for damage caused to the merchandise after delivery due to its inappropriate use, not following the rules of use issued for its maintenance and / or not carrying out proper handling of the merchandise during its transfer.

14-  This guarantee expires in full right after twelve (12) months from the issuance of the guarantee, this thus, without the need for notification, communication or prior requirement by Paola Liranzo, under the understanding that the term of the twelve (12) months has been prescribed in favor of Paola Liranzo. Any subsequent claim will be borne by and at the sole expense of the beneficiary or the claimant.

 Return Policy and Terms

We stand behind the quality of our products and your satisfaction is the most important thing to us. We take care to create products made with premium materials and workmanship.

1-   At the time of delivery, make sure that the item received is in good condition and without signs of abuse or improper handling. Otherwise, notify this fact on the carrier's driving sheet, reject the receipt of the product and notify it by email to or by phone at 829-904-0786.

2-   We are not responsible for damage to the merchandise when it has been delivered and received directly and in the hands of the client, either by means of our transport, collected in our warehouse or when you have personally hired a transport service with any third party.

3-   To request an exchange or return, you must contact our dispatch department via email at or at 829-904-0786.

4-   We accept returns of merchandise only in its original packaging, with all its protection elements with which it was delivered, in the state in which it was delivered, together with all its parts and accessories and without signs of test or use, within a period not exceeding 72 hours, after delivery and subject to a penalty of RD $ 5,000.00 for transportation and handling of merchandise.

5-   We do not refund cash. For the returns of items or cancellations of the purchase of items delivered or not yet delivered, a credit note will be made to consume in the store and it will be valid for 1 year. After this period of time, the client will not have the right to claim.

6-   In order to request any exchange or return, it is essential, without exceptions, the presentation of your original purchase invoice and your guarantee certificate.

7-   Sales of items in clearance are final and definitive and do not allow refunds.

8-   For claim purposes, any scratch, scratch, break, stain or other damage occurred during the transport of the items to be delivered to the customer by our staff, this must be reported to our company after examining the item and before receiving it formally, likewise regarding the strength, quality and completion of the assembly of any piece of furniture by staff when appropriate.

9-   We are not responsible for any type of damage, irregularity, or flaw reported later, it is mandatory for the customer to carefully review the item upon receipt. Once received in accordance with the corresponding leads with the signature of the client, his manager, attorney-in-fact, domestic, office, trusted and / or subordinate personnel, salaried or adjuster or person who is circumstantially at the agreed address, receives our carriers and in the judgment of an ordinary observer has the quality to receive the items sent, we do not accept any type of claims.

10-  Products ordered to order and personalized orders cannot be refunded or exchanged.

eleven-  If the invoice is canceled within a period of more than 30 days from its issuance, the amount corresponding to the ITBIS will not be credited.

 Shipping Terms and Policies

  1-  All our items have courtesy transportation in the Metropolitan Area of Santo Domingo. Shipments to the interior of the country have an additional cost of transport, it will be reflected at the time of finalizing your purchase.

2-  We will only have shipments on Tuesdays in the Metropolitan Area of Santo Domingo, if it is a holiday, the shipment will be scheduled for the next business day. Shipments to the interior of the country will be coordinated with the client.

3-  The client is obliged to provide the necessary information for the dispatch of the item (s). Any error or lack of information our company is not responsible.

4-  At the time of purchase, a confirmation of the order will be sent to the email provided by the client and later will be contacted by our dispatch department to coordinate the delivery.

5- If the client needs to change the delivery date, after it has been coordinated, he must inform our dispatch department one day in advance via email or by calling 829-904 -0786.

6- If due to any situation attributable to the customer, delivery cannot be made at the agreed time, the customer will have the option of picking up their merchandise personally or by hiring third parties. If you want the new shipment to be from us, it will have a cost of RD $ 5,000.00 that must be paid by the means indicated by our dispatch agent before sending the shipment.

7- The client is responsible for verifying in advance that the purchased items can move freely to avoid damage to them, through the regular accesses of their town (doors, stairs and elevators). In the case of apartment towers, offices and condominiums, where there is no freight elevator available, our staff is only authorized to deliver the items up to the 2nd floor. In the case of not having an elevator that complies with the appropriate measures for loading merchandise, or that it does not fit through the corresponding accesses, the hiring of crane rental services or other mechanism for get the merchandise to its final destination.

8- It is forbidden to ask our staff to violate this delivery policy, or to subject the merchandise to transfer processes that put its integrity / quality at risk.

9- We store the merchandise already paid for only up to 15 days after the purchase is made. After this period we charge 2% of the total value of the invoice for every 15 days that it remains stored. The amount of any penalty incurred must be paid by the customer before the merchandise is delivered, which will not be carried out until that moment.

10- We are not responsible for damages caused to the article by unauthorized transfers or movements of articles, or that are not governed by the guidelines of this policy.

Políticas de Envío
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